Our Values

Discover our values ​​and principles at le Center Bouger Mieux which guide and distinguish us daily in our interventions.


We believe that everything improves with effort, time and the desire to evolve.


We think everything is possible.


Throughout the process, in the communications and the respect of the schedules.


Everyone is different and unique.

True to our principles.

Our values ​​and principles related to human movements guide our interventions.


We always innovate within our interventions to tailor them to the individual we accompany.


We perform the required therapeutic interventions at the right time and when necessary.


Everything is accomplished with a boundless passion to help those that surround us. 

Step by step.

We value a progressive approach, which is justified by the demonstration of prerequisites. No step can be compromised. If the individual does not have the prerequisites for the next stage, he/she cannot progress.


Our concept is continually evolving, like life following its pace, we refuse the status quo and encourage change.


Within our approach, we involve and educate those we accompany, so they can be responsible for their quality of life.


Our results are tangible and measurable. We seek to improve in the long-term the quality of life.
We never provide temporary solutions.

Species Specific.

We improve the human functions, in accordance with and with respect, to the evolution of the species and the joints that are our own.