Entraînement Semi-privé (c) Centre Bouger Mieux

Semi-Private Training

Corrective Functional Training TM

As part of our semi-private training sessions, our clients get an enhanced workout experience, while building relationships with the people who accompany them, helping them to increase their level of accountability, enjoyment and thus maintain motivation.

When you participate in a semi-private training session, it's about doing more than 'good training'. Our specialists in semi-private training develop educational, offered in a small group environment, in order to allow you to live a good life. Because life is beautiful when we move better!

You will become a human being by integrating specific elements of body awareness, joint mobility and muscle strength. Whether you want to increase your energy level, run your first 5km, lose 10 lbs, or feel stronger, we can help you achieve these goals with our semi-private workouts.

Each session includes a maximum of 5 people at a time, with access to innovative equipment, pleasurable and effective exercises, all done in a secure manner so you can achieve your fitness goals.

In addition, our Better Move Center coaching specialists are able to adjust the training to the individual needs of each participant, among other things, because our semi-private training can increase motivation, accountability and individual results.

We will take the time to make technical adjustments, provide helpful motion corrections, answer your questions, and motivate you so you can achieve a better life.


An increased training experience

Each session includes a maximum of 5 people at a time, with access to innovative equipment, enjoyable and effective exercises.


Life is short. But life is even more beautiful when you move better! Do not let your physical limitations continue to make your life difficult and plan your first appointment.

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Positive Results

Every day, we help people who think they have tried everything and wish wholeheartedly to enjoy life again.

Our Mission

Life is amazing when we move better!
We believe that life is exceptional and that you should live it up to your aspirations, actively, without pain and movement limitations, to celebrate all the extraordinary moments that compose it.