Functional Movement AnalysisTM

The first step is to observe how well you move

Our primary orientation is to validate the range of motion that you have and validate where the limitations are. In addition, we will analyze, via a thermographic device, if inflammatory processes are present.

Inflammation Épaule gauche
Observe inflammation

When inflammatory processes are present, our thermographic device will show an increased heat zone (white colouration on this picture).

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Validate your range of motion

By observing your range of motion, we will be able to establish an action plan to improve your situation.

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Validate the type of restrictions

Which tissues restrict your movements or is it a protective spasm that limits your amplitudes? We aim to specify the type of restrictions in order to apply the right techniques.

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Positive Results

Not satisfied with the approaches available on the market, we offer services and techniques based on fast and effective results, in addition to being adapted to your situation.


Your joints influence your daily movements. Each joint restriction has various origins. We will restore your ability to move better on a daily basis and not be limited by pain.