Corrective Massage TherapyTM

Our approach to Massage Therapy explores avenues unknown to traditional massages. Our techniques are applied with the intention to reestablish optimal joint function, as well as to reeducate and rebalance the human body in its ability to produce movements.

Long-lasting results

We create durable results with our myo-skeletal methodology who enables you to become human again, with the appropriate blend of techniques targeted at the different tissues, such as the superficial (Skin and Superficial Fasciae) and deeper structures (deep fasciae, muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones). We help people who have tried many different approaches and who have not found the one that could help them yet.

These techniques, when properly combined to specific corrective exercises, will improve dramatically your quality of life.

Our collaborative state in a unique way to help you live so much better and with more freedom of movement from now on. If you thought you had tried everything, you have not seen yet what we can do for you!

Centre Bouger Mieux Corrective Massage Therapy TM

We create long-lasting results

Our approach to Massage Therapy explores avenues that do not exist in traditional massage.


Life is short. But life is even more beautiful when you move better! Do not let your physical limitations continue to make your life difficult and plan your first appointment.

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Positive Results

Every day, we help people who think they have tried everything and wish wholeheartedly to enjoy life again.

Our Mission

Life is amazing when we move better!
We believe that life is exceptional and that you should live it up to your aspirations, actively, without pain and movement limitations, to celebrate all the extraordinary moments that compose it.