Entraînement Correctif-Fonctionnel MC (c) centre Bouger Mieux

Functional Movement AnalysisTM

Our proposal to help you move and live better.

Extraordinary results in terms of quality of life and movement begin with a unique observation of your ability to move better.

Our observation of human movements and its limitations is unique.

We will look at what others will not see, because we pay attention to detail and have developed a keen eye for human movement over the last 10 years.

Our constant research in the field allows us to quickly identify the limited elements and to develop an appropriate solution to their improvement.

Establish your needs.

An initial appointment allows you to observe your ability to move better.

We will target the elements below:

Improve your situation.

Get exceptional results with Corrective Massage TherapyTM

Improving your quality of life and your movements is developed through specific tissue work to increase your passive mobility and reduce your discomfort.

Applying specific techniques to Corrective Massage TherapyTM sessions will improve your ability to move better and improve your quality of life.

Maintain your abilities.

Unique exercises to move better and maintain your abilities.

Throughout your sessions, you will have specific exercises to practice in order to maintain your ability to move better.

These exercises will be offered as educational to improve your body awareness, joint mobility and muscle strength.

Push your limits.

Life is beautiful when you move better by pushing your limits every day!

Keep pushing your limits and become your best version!

Everything is now possible thanks to our unique environment that allows private or semi-private training.

In this way, you can push your limits and aspire to always move better!


Life is short. But life is even more beautiful when you move better! Do not let your physical limitations continue to make your life difficult and plan your first appointment.

Plan your first appointment

We will respond to your needs quickly.

For an appointment 438-395-4885

Leave us a message and we will take a moment to call you back to discuss more with you. At this time, we will be able to identify if we can help you with pleasure!

Positive Results

Every day, we help people who think they have tried everything and wish wholeheartedly to enjoy life again.

Our Mission

Life is amazing when we move better!
We believe that life is exceptional and that you should live it up to your aspirations, actively, without pain and movement limitations, to celebrate all the extraordinary moments that compose it.